Want to make a career in filmmaking?

Career in Filmmaking

If you are interested in making a career in filmmaking, you need to excel in certain skill to succeed. You might have enjoyed watching a movie but have you wondered what goes on behind those action-packed scenes that make it so thrilling? That is the art of production where video editing plays a major role. Filmmaking jobs might be a passion but one must also have a vision and certain skills including production, camera and professional editing knowledge. The rise of short films on YouTube channels, independent cinema and OTT have further created more opportunities in domains like video editing, production design, screenwriting, direction etc.

Excel in shaping the backbone of a movie

Filmmaking has multistep processes. And Post Production is the key step and the magical part that makes the movie interesting to watch. It commences after shooting, where the footage is edited and arranged for the narrative. Dialogues, music, sound effects and visual effects are added at this stage of production. Editing is the significant part of post-production. Films like Bahubali, Avengers relied more on visual effects than any other regular films. When you see the closing credits, you would have seen several names of professionals who worked on visual effects.

Video editors have impressive careers in filmmaking

The role of a video editor is quite challenging like that of a director. They are more in demand in the present digital world. If you are passionate about films, learning video editing provides you with best opportunities in film industry.
Video editing includes various aspects like animation, colour grading, syncing of voices, sound and visual effects. This is an evergreen industry offering a prospective career choice. Whether full-time, part-time or freelance this profession offers great scope with high pay packages in India and abroad.

It is an emerging area of work popular among most youngsters who take it up either after their tenth grade or intermediate. A skilled video editor with even one year experience can help earn high income. Video editing skills help you in build a professional career in filmmaking, media companies. Besides you can also make your own videos or short films, if you have a YouTube channel and earn from it.

How to learn video editing?

Though there are several online sources, getting hands on experience while learning all about video editing, can make a big difference. It gives you the required confidence and also allows you to know how to apply certain tips and techniques involved in professional video editing for any film.

Rise in career in less than a year

Digital video editing is one of the top skills today and will become increasingly valuable in the coming years. What matters most is where you learn the skills that help you work confidently in the real-world environment. Scintilla Digital Academy looks beyond dummy projects as it focuses on practical exposure that connects you to the industry through live projects. The experienced faculty here make sure that edit like a professional by the end of the course.

Learning video editing helps in:

  • Better quality in your videos
  • Lucrative career
  • Can be a secondary source of income

Scintilla Digital Academy helps you master skills in FCP X, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premier Pro. This filmmaking jobs-oriented course in digital video editing is ideal for anyone who is passionate about making a career in film or entertainment industry. There is no specific qualification required. Apart from job placement assistance, students have an added advantage at this institute as it is backed by its parent company Scintilla Kreations Pvt Ltd, the reputed film production house with 10+ years of experience in advertising. This enables students to work on real time projects and gain confidence.

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