Learn After Effects to advance your career

after effects career
After Effects jobs offer great career opportunities. Are you new to Adobe After Effects? Well, this is an industry standard tool for video compositing, motion graphics and animations. It has high demand in film, TV, video gaming industries.

Learn After Effects, the integral part of making movies, TV shows and games.
AE is the leading software used to animate titles, create animation movies, shows, add visual effects and also work on infographics. It is a versatile tool for most animators and video editors.

This extraordinary software provides an immersive and realistic experience to the viewer. Adobe After Effects jobs allow one to bring life to graphics and it can be used for creating 2D, 3D layers, adding special effects like rain, fire, smoke etc in addition to music.

After Effects is a lot like Photoshop with a lot more options to edit or manipulate footage and animations. Lot of post-production professionals depend on After Effects to create visually stunning work in films, TV shows and videos on YouTube.

Quick look at its history – After Effects was originally developed in 1993 by Company of Science and Art(coSA) with two versions, first one available on the Macintosh built by Apple. In 1994, it was acquired by Aldus and later Adobe acquired the technology. Adobe has released various versions of the software with new functionalities.

Why should you learn After Effects?

With film industry, ad agencies, gaming companies and corporate companies looking for talented professionals with a knack for creativity, there is an increase in demand for After Effects. This software is easy to use and creates impressive results.

Career options – If you are interested to work in the creative industry, there are many After Effects jobs that require special effects.

AE opens many doors of opportunities for those interested in creative careers
2D Animators, 3D animators who can enhance live action elements.
Video editors who can incorporate special effects and create compelling storyline.
Motion graphics designer can create art work for web, TV and films.

How long does it take to learn After Effects?

It might take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks. It also depends on the pace at which you learn. Learning at a professional institute can help you build a solid foundation in AE skills and also boost up your confidence levels.

The right place to excel After Effects

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