Career in photoshop is a great choice for creative professionals

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If you are strong at editing and have creative skills, a career in photoshop can be quite promising in photography, graphic designing, web designing, advertising and video editing among other interesting areas in creative industry.

We are surrounded by designs but only few grab our attention and stay on in our minds forever. That is the power of creative designing. As branding consultant and author Alina Wheeler rightly said “Design is intelligence made visible”.

Computer software like Photoshop can further enhances creativity by letting you do magical things at a single click. Photoshop can create wonders to an image. And with Adobe recently launching AI powered Neural filters feature, one can also alter emotions while editing a picture.

What exactly is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a computer software published by Adobe Inc on Windows and mac OS, for editing images, creating animations, graphic arts etc. The software was initially created by Thomas Knoll and John Knoll in 1987 and later developed by Adobe. Adobe released various versions with numbers ranging from 1.0 to 7.0. the numbers were later replaced with ‘Creative Suit’ (CS) branding. Further Adobe updated it to ‘Creative Cloud’ – CC from the 14th version. Every version has new features and enhancements to make the user interface effective.

Benefits of using Photoshop

Photoshop is the key tool for graphic designers, web designers, artists and many creative professionals who use it in a versatile way. Adobe Photoshop is the most extensively used software tool for image correction, adjustment, editing, retouching, image creation and enhancing it with effects. It is a great program for images already created. Everything is done in a series of pixels. The tool is considered useful for:

  • Photo editing, enhancements
  • User interface design
  • Colour correction
  • Photo manipulation
  • 3D painting and animation
  • Website mock up
  • Printing designs

Photoshop skills help in cropping, adjusting colours, lighting, adding or removing backgrounds in images.

Jobs in Photoshop are always in high demand

With rise in online businesses, the scope for jobs in Photoshop is high for those who learn photoshop skills. With technology evolving more photoshop professionals will be required in various industries including media, film and advertising.
Photoshop is one of the top skills high in demand

There are multiple options to learn photoshop courses online and offline for those aspiring to make a career in Photoshop as graphic designers. However, the prospects are better when it is learnt at an experienced institute that can make you work on real time projects to gain practical exposure. Proper training accompanied by regular practice are essential to use photoshop skills effectively.

If you want to know the full potential of Photoshop and how to use it for best results, you can seek the help of an industry expert like Scintilla Digital Academy. Considered one of the best institutes for professional technical courses for creative careers, Scintilla Digital Academy is specialised in providing courses in skilfully using Photoshop. Experienced faculty, right infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities and the opportunity of working on real time projects make Scintilla one of the most preferred institutes to learn professional courses for best careers of today.

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