Final Cut Pro X

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If you have set your sights upon finest film editing institutes in Hyderabad for professional short term courses, search no further. Welcome to one of the best FCP training centers in Hyderabad – Scintilla Digital Academy. With a focus on fundamental skills and concepts essential to ensuring your success, one of the most reliable and reputed Final Cut Pro X coaching centers in Hyderabad has certified instructors with over two decades of experience. one of the best film editing institutes in Hyderabad, the skilled and experienced faculty team doesn’t just provide training for editing applications like Final Cut Pro X, it uses it every day – on ongoing telecasting projects! So go ahead, enroll now in one of the foremost final cut pro training institutes in Hyderabad.


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Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary application for creating, editing, and producing the highest quality video. The professional video editing software, Final Cut Pro combines high-performance digital editing and native support for virtually any video format with easy-to-use and time-saving features that let you focus on storytelling. Recognised as one of the top FCPX coaching centres in Hyderabad, Scintilla Digital Academy teaches the fundamentals of FCP driven by hands-on experience to ensure that by the end of the course you will be proficient in Final Cut Pro X applications.

You will learn

  • MAC Interface
  • MAC System Operation
  • Editing & Formats
  • About FCP & Shortcut keys
  • Cameras & Tapes
  • Types of Camera Shots
  • User Preferences
  • System Settings
  • Editing techniques
  • Voiceover Editing
  • Log & Transfer
  •  Professional editing
  • FX factory & Sapphire
  • Filters
  • Basic Motion
  • Chroma Keying
  • Colour Correction
  • Ad film Editing
  • Online /Offline Editing
  • Multi cam Editing
  • Troubleshooting

Gain an in-depth understanding of the following :

  • Course Duration -45 Days
  • 1-hour class/5 days week
  • Daily practical assignments
  • Work review & Assignments
  • Personal Mentoring
  • Exposure to a practical work environment
  • Training on Real-time projects
  • Job assistance
  • Tech Support

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